Shrunken Lamb
Shrunken Lamb
Shrunken Lamb
Shrunken Lamb
Soft Shrunken Bubble Grain Genuine Leather Lamb Skin Black

Shrunken Lamb

Sale price$45.00
Size:5-7 SQFT HIDE

Skin TypeLamb

TannageCombination (Chrome and Vegetable)

Dyeing Process: Full-Aniline

Thickness1.4-1.6 mm / 3.75 oz.

Uses: Jackets, Bags

Bubble Lamb (or shrunken lamb as it is often called) is a combination-tanned unstructured lambskin with a dramatic shrunken bubble grain, and soft, cushiony quality, making it perfect for lightweight apparel, accessories, handbags and small leather goods. Full-aniline dyeing lends this leather an especially plush hand, and rich, luxurious look. Currently available in Black, Brown, White and Red.