Natural Veg-Cow 6 oz. Milled (Vachetta) - District Leathers

Natural Veg-Cow 6 oz. Milled

Sale price$180.00
Size:25-30 SQFT HIDE

Hide TypeCow / Half Hide

Tannage: Vegetable

Dyeing Process:Natural Color / No Dye

Thickness: 2.3-2.5mm / 6.0oz

Uses: Bags, Patches, Accessories


The Natural Veg-Cow is a top-quality un-dyed 100% vegetable-tanned cowhide of a 2.3-2.5mm / 6.0oz. Unlike typical veg-tans this leather is milled, meaning tumbled, which makes it much more supple than regular veg-tan leather and gives it slight texture. "Crust" leather has been tanned with no additional finishing. This cow crust has been vegetable tanned - an organic process using all-natural materials - they are light-, moisture- and oil-sensitive. Accordingly, their natural color will change over time, becoming darker with exposure to light and natural oils, and acquiring a rich patina. The Cow Crust Thin is the perfect leather for crafting, tooling, embossing, stamping, dyeing, oiling, etc. yourself, and for creating products with heritage looks. Applications include handbags, belts, straps, small leather goods, footwear, etc.