Pirarucu Fish Genuine Leather Black
Pirarucu Fish Genuine Leather Red
Pirarucu Fish Genuine Leather White

Pirarucu Fish

Sale price$400.00
Size:22x50 INCHES

Hide Type: Fish


Dyeing ProcessFull Aniline

Thickness1.2-1.4 mm / 3 oz.

Uses: Soft Bags, Heavier Jackets, Pillow

A truly unique leather. This leather is made from the Pirarucu fish of the Amazon. As the largest fresh water fish in the world, the hides they yield are quite large and cuttable. Once discarded as food bi-product in the region, these skins are regarded as more eco-friendly. Large trimmed scales form an amazing diamond texture throughout the hide. Matte surface finish. Thick like a cow hide but very supple this item is ideal for softer items that need to be a little thicker like a soft bag or a jacket. 

Different Finishes and sizes available on rquest.

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