Sheared Hair-On Half Cow Hide Black Brown and White

Sheared Hair-On Half Cow Hide

Sale price$249.00
Size:24-29 SQFT

Hide TypeCow Half Hide

Tannage: Chrome

Dyeing ProcessNatural

Thickness: 1.1-1.3 mm / 3 oz.

Uses: Bags, Jackets, Accessories, Upholstery

As opposed to the full hide version which we also sell, these hair-on half hides are skived down the to thinnest possible level and the hair is trimmed in order to provide a incredibly supple and malleable leather. As mentioned, the full hides come too heavy to use for any clothing or accessory, so this leather allows you to take the beautiful natural colorations of the cow hide and bring them to your fashion project. If you order, we will send you photos of the available color patterns and we will only ship once you've approved.

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