District Leathers is a full service leather supplier. We work in a myriad of ways to provide our diverse clientele with the leather and logistics they need. Our experience ranges from apparel to accessories to upholstery, and our company is designed to work from the smallest to the largest scale commercial projects. We are able to help our clients align their leather needs with their profit goals, sourcing everything from the finest more luxurious to high-quality commercial grade leather.
District Leathers is proud of the work its done with a wide variety of business and brands across an incredible spectrum of projects. Below we have detailed the way in which we work with different businesses to provide them with world class leathers and services...
To set up a meeting about sourcing leather for your brand you can set up an appointment here or email us at info@districtleathers.com


Some of the enterprise brands we're sourcing for:

Fashion Brands

District Leathers is proud to source leather for some of the top fashion brands in the world. In both apparel and accessories, District Leathers' material can be found in department store and boutiques around the world under some of the most prestigious labels in fashion. When we say we are a full service leather sourcer we mean it; helping to arrange transportation and logistics, communications with tanneries, and quality assurance.

Overseas Production

For many brands producing overseas, the pricing and logistics of purchasing leather from our New York showroom is simply not feasible. In these cases District Leathers is able to ship directly from our partnering tanneries to overseas factory, dramatically cutting down the price of the leather (we no longer have to add the price of importing into America) and simplifying the supply chain.

Domestic Production

Many of our clients produce their goods here in the United States. For these brands, District Leathers is happy to provide leather both from our stock and as a custom order produced specifically for the brand. In the case of custom production, lead times and minimum order quantities depends greatly on the leather desired but we try to be as flexible as possible. Custom colors, finishes, and thickness are all possible.

Architectural and Interior Projects

District Leathers stocks and sources some of the most beautiful and consistent upholstery leathers produced anywhere in the world. For this reason, we are sought out by interior design professionals throughout the country for project both big and small, domestic and commercial. Our experience in providing leathers for a wide variety of projects including homes, restaurants, malls, airplanes, and boats helps us to guide our clients to leather that is going to look great and perform well.

It's important to realize the District Leathers stocks and has access to a wide variety of leather that is not show in the e-commerce section of our website. If you need to source leather for an upholstery project please contact us so we can arrange options for you.

To set up a meeting about sourcing leather for your project you can set up an appointment here or email us at info@districtleathers.com