Vasante Sheep Crust
Vasante Sheep Crust
Vasante Sheep Crust
Full Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather Sheep Hide Natural Undyed

Vasante Sheep Crust

Sale price$75.00
Size:8-12 SQFT

Hide TypeSheep (slightly larger than lamb)


Dyeing ProcessAniline

Thickness1-1.2 mm / 2.75 oz.

Uses: Bags, Wallets, Small leather goods, Trim, 

Vasante Sheep is a full vegetable tanned sheep hide from France. The skins possess some firmness - typical for veg tans - but also a spongy inner which gives this leather a truly unique temper and hand feel. Rustic, full aniline dying gives the colors versions of this leather beautiful depth of color while allowing the natural character of the hide to show through. Ideal for small accessories like wallets.


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