Lizard Skin | Silver (Back Cut)
Lizard Skin | Silver (Back Cut)
Lizard Skin | Silver (Back Cut)
Lizard Skin | Silver (Back Cut)

Lizard Skin | Silver (Back Cut)

Sale price$74.99
Quality:Grade 2
  • Hide: Genuine Lizard
  • Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Uses: Boots, Handbags, Watch Straps, Belts, Wallets, Phone Cases, Small Leather Goods & Accessories
  • Length: 36-42 cm / 14.5-17.5"
  • Widest point: 25-27 cm / 10.5-11.5"

Perfect for eye-catching details and small leather goods, our genuine lizard skins feature a unique texture of intricate miniature tiles that make them super versatile. While thin and pliable, lizard skins are not prone to tearing, making them a great option for hand-stitching applications. Skins can be used for boots, handbags, watch straps, belts, wallets, phone cases, and other types of small leather goods. 

You can order the lizard skins in either Grade 1 or Grade 2 quality. Images in this listing showcase Grade 1 skins. Please note that it is generally expected to find small imperfections in some Grade 2 skins - these can be easily avoided especially if you are using smaller cuts for intricate detailing of your project.

Skins vary in size, but generally come in the approximate measurements shown below. 

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