Merino Shearlings
Sheared Short Wool Merino Genuine Shearling Hide Black

Merino Shearlings

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Size:6-8 SQFT HIDE
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Size:4-7 SQFT HIDE

Hide TypeShearling

Uses: Bags, Collars, Coats, Jackets, Shoes, Upholstery (small panels)

Merino shearlings have been an industry standard in the shearling world forever. Shearling is produced on lamb skin where the wool is kept on. Merino shearling is produced when the wool is then sheared somewhere around a half inch in length. These merino skins are then ironed (curly options also available upon request) to straighten the fur. Whats produced is a high-end short fur shearling ideal for coats, collar, trim, and even as the body of bags. The non-wool side of these shearling is suede.

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