Pirarucu Fish | Dust Denim
Pirarucu Fish | Dust Denim

Pirarucu Fish | Dust Denim

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    • Hide type: Pirarucu Fish 
    • Tannage: Chrome 
    • Dyeing Process: Full Aniline 
    • Thickness: 1.5 mm - 1.6 mm | 4 oz 
    • Uses: Soft Bags, Heavier Jackets, Pillows, Boots, Leather Goods

    This leather is made from the Pirarucu fish of the Amazon. As the largest fresh water fish in the world, the hides they yield are quite large and cuttable. Once discarded as food bi-product in the region, these skins are regarded as more eco-friendly.

    Only ONE skin available.
    Skin is around 6'4 square feet and its measurements in inches are shown below.

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